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In everyday terms chwilówki are also known as payday advance which is actually a short term loan of small amount of money that is secured against the next pay check of the customer. It is possible to provide these loans against a credit card, which is considered as a line of credit that has been prearranged. It is also possible for payday loans to rely upon the previous employment record and payroll of the customer. But anybody interested about payday loans must also keep in mind that the legislation associated with it widely varies from one country to another and it is also different in different states of the USA.

These payday loans are also known as pożyczki chwilówki as normally a very small amount is associated with it and are often paid off within a very short period of time. First loans or payday advances can effectively solve the financial problem of an individual for a short period of time and as most people now live on paycheck to paycheck these loans can be really helpful to tackle any sudden financial requirement that can easily throw off the whole system of the balance if they are not properly taken care off as early as possible.